Waterfall at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Kentucky (Swimming Spots and Hikes Included!)

Kentucky, with its lush landscapes and scenic beauty, hides some of the most breathtaking waterfalls within its rolling hills. When one thinks of “beautiful waterfalls in Kentucky”, the cascades’ serene ambiance and picturesque settings are hard to ignore. And for those stationed at the Cummins Ferry RV Park in Salvisa, there’s an added bonus — a delightful waterfall you can see from your back door to kick-start the waterfall journey. Rent a kayak while you’re there and you can get right up to the base of the waterfall.

Yet, if you venture just a bit farther, within a 100-mile radius, you’ll be treated to some of the state’s most renowned cascades.

At the bottom of almost every waterfall is a pool of water – and yes, you can swim in most of them! After hiking in on a hot, summer day to view the waterfalls, there is no better feeling than to jump in the pool. Bring a bathing suit and a towel! You can find the hiking trail included with each waterfall listed. Here are five of them that truly stand out:

  1. Flat Lick Falls

    Location: Gray Hawk, KYView of Flat Lick Falls in Kentucky

    • Overview: Flat Lick Falls is not just about the waterfall; it’s about the entire serene setting. The surrounding park area, with picnic spots and peaceful nooks, complements the beauty of the falls perfectly, making it a favorite for families and solo travelers alike.
    • Best Time to Visit: Late spring to early fall when the environment is most inviting.
    • More Information: For a detailed overview and directions, check Flat Lick Falls on AllTrails.
  2. Dog Slaughter Falls

    Location: Corbin, KYView of Dog Slaughter Falls

    • Overview: Don’t let the name deter you; Dog Slaughter Falls is the epitome of serenity and natural beauty. The surrounding wilderness and the gentle sound of cascading water create a tranquil atmosphere, ideal for contemplation and relaxation.
    • Best Time to Visit: Early summer to catch the falls in its full glory.
    • More Information: Learn more about its history and trails by visiting Dog Slaughter Falls Trail Info on AllTrails.
  3. Van Hook Falls

    Van Hook Falls Waterfall
    Photo By Steve Poynter

    Location: London, KY

    • Overview: Tucked within the Daniel Boone National Forest, Van Hook Falls is a spectacle of nature’s artistry. The serene environment, combined with the melodious sound of water, offers an idyllic spot for rejuvenation.
    • Best Time to Visit: Fall, when the surrounding forest is ablaze with colors.
    • More Information: To get insights and travel details, check Van Hook Falls on AllTrails.
  4. Eagle Falls

    Eagle Falls Waterfall in Kentucky
    Kentucky State Parks

    Location: Corbin, KY

    • Overview: Located in close proximity to Cumberland Falls, Eagle Falls offers a slightly more intimate experience. Accessible via a moderate hike, the journey provides stunning overhead views of Cumberland before revealing the beauty of Eagle Falls itself.
    • Best Time to Visit: Spring and early summer when the foliage is fresh and the water flow robust.
    • More Information: Plan your trip by visiting AllTrail’s Hiking Map, Photos, and Reviews.
  5. Pine Island Double Falls

    Location: Somerset, KYPine Island Double Falls beautiful waterfalls in Kentucky

  • Overview: This dual cascade, where two streams merge and tumble down in a synchronized dance, offers a visual spectacle unlike any other. The melodic sound of the falls, combined with the lush greenery surrounding it, provides a peaceful retreat for visitors seeking solitude and rejuvenation.
  • Best Time to Visit: Early summer and fall will reveal the most beautiful view to sit and take in the sounds.
  • More Information: You can find out how to get there by using AllTrail’s super helpful hiking map.

Concluding our scenic journey of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kentucky, it’s evident that nature has been more than generous to this region. Each waterfall, with its unique charm, promises an experience that lingers in memory long after the visit. So, whether you’re starting your expedition from the Cummins Ferry RV Park or are a seasoned traveler, the cascades of Kentucky await, ready to mesmerize.