Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Cummins Ferry RV Park and Campground loves animals! All dogs must be non-aggressive and leashed when outside. There is a 2-3 pet maximum per site. Be sure to check out our dog park to have some fun with your furry friends!

Cummins Ferry RV Park and Campground does not accept individual pieces of mail for its guests; however, we do accept FedEx, UPS and overnight priority packages. Guests must ensure that the package has the correct name and site number.

We do offer day passes based on our guest capacity. They are limited due to this and can be checked for availability by calling our front desk at 859-865-2003. The rate is $25 per adult and $15 per child.

Our river toys at Cummins Ferry RV Park and Campground are available for half day and full day rentals.  
call the Camp Store for current rates.

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For any questions and services and all other details please contact us and leave a detailed message. We will contact you soon!

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