Hiking + Biking Trails + Kayaking - a full 2 mile loop with plenty to explore

Hiking on our 2+ mile hiking trail is good for the mind, body and spirit - and this property is truly a perfect vacation for your soul as well.

Kentucky River Palisades

Paddling the Palisades is a dream and considered the quintessential blueway for paddlers and adventurers of all skill levels. The Kentucky River Palisades is a unique region that anchors a 450-million-year-old ecosystem consisting of limestone cliffs, deep gorges, springs, and an intricate cave system. Lexington limestone—composed of thin limestone and interbedded shales—covers most of this area. The Palisades region covers approximately 100 river miles through Central Kentucky along the Kentucky River.

What Makes It Great

There’s no wrong place to paddle along the Palisades. The Palisades are great because of how remote it is, how long it is, and how it could take most paddlers multiple trips on the same waterway to cover it all. This one blueway could keep you busy with new sections and new seasonal scenery.

Located deep in Central Kentucky, each section has its own set of unique natural treasures. The scenery itself is nothing less than impressive, with many side creeks, waterfalls, and caves to explore and keep you busy for hours. Since the Palisades are so remote with very little development nearby, many paddlers enjoy being more deeply immersed in nature, and connecting with new levels of solitude—not to mention, a higher likelihood of seeing wildlife, including bobcats, great blue heron, kingfishers, and peregrine falcons. The Palisades are protected by the Nature Conservancy. The group works to maintain the integrity of the area’s natural habitats. Paddle along this preserve, next to gorgeous blue ash, sugar maple, and rock elm, harbor beech, and poplar trees. If you like to include a little hiking along with paddling, stop along sandy river terraces and perch atop bluff-top ridges.